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An Art and Craft – Best Body Piercing Jewelry

Posted By Body Jewelry     Jun 23    


If talking about Body piercing then it is a popular kind of body art, involves puncturing or pricking a specific area of the body. After the piercing heals, an eye-catching piece of jewelry—typically a ring—is inserted. Body piercing of increasingly bizarre varieties is on the rise among today’s youth. Because of this fad, a whole subset of Naval jewelry has emerged to highlight piercings.


Piercings in the human body have a long history. It has been said that this is a long-standing custom. In the past, this was done from the moment of birth, and it did not matter what gender the baby was. The earliest examples of this style were the piercing of the nose and ears. It was regarded as a sacred practice with spiritual benefits in ancient countries like Egypt. It was once believed that piercing one’s body was a social norm amongst primitive tribal communities.


More and more people are opting to get piercings done on regions of their bodies apart from their ears and noses. Piercings such as the navel, nipple, tongue, labret, and eyebrow have been increasingly popular in recent years. The desire to make a unique fashion statement in addition to improving one’s appearance motivates many to get tattoos and piercings.





Wood, shell, animal bones, and even claws were commonplace in ancient times as components of Body jewelry. As humankind progressed toward civilization, metals were incorporated into the creation of body jewelry like Belly rings or ear jewelry.


Steel, copper, gold, silver, titanium, and platinum, as well as diamonds and semiprecious stones, are all in use today. Because nickel infections may be so distressing, nickel-containing metals are generally avoided. The most ideal and frequently employed metal for this function is pure gold of either 14 or 18 karats.


Spirals, twists, claws, tapers, tusks, and tunnels are common designs for navel and labret piercing jewelry. Pyrex glass is another substance that is finding usage here. It is available in both see-through and opaque hues.



Because of the significant potential for bacterial infection, nerve injury, and allergic reactions during an execution, proper sterilization of the instruments is essential. High-quality metals should be chosen for the Curved Barbells jewelry as well, so that it poses no danger later. Going to a professional to have a piercing done is the safest option. A vast variety of body jewelry designed specifically for the organ you choose to pierce is also available.


Those who enjoy excessively accessorizing their bodies will undoubtedly enjoy body piercing jewelry. You can get whatever kind of Flat back labret jewelry you like from any different jewelers, both online and in person.


Consideration of resources should come first. Although you may have been assured that any piece of jewelry is safe to wear, it is important to note that the higher the nickel content, the higher the risk of irritation. Many people are mildly sensitive to nickel, and having the metal in an open piercing will make the healing process more difficult. Steel jewelry is preferable for both the skin and the piercing while it heals.