Internal Structure Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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Internal Structure Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Posted By fiberclosure top     December 11, 2018    


Fiber Optic Splice Closure are used for direct burial, fiber optic cable connections in pipelines and overhead fiber optic cable lines.
Small size and large capacity.
The box body is made of high-strength engineering plastics with anti-aging agent, which has good mechanical properties and weather resistance, and is durable and durable.
There are reliable cable fixing, stripping and grounding protection devices.
The modular, loose-leaf fiber-optic disk has a storage radius of ≧40mm, and each fiber-optic disk can be flexibly flipped and constructed conveniently.

The closed seal of the joint box adopts high-quality sealing ring to mechanically clamp the self-locking device and the imported heat-shrinkable material. The open joint box can be repeatedly opened without special tools. Convenient and fast, good sealing performance.

Structural features:
*. Adding anti-aging agent with high-strength engineering plastics
*. Made of high quality stainless steel screws and hooks
* It adopts a laminated clamshell structure, and it is not necessary to disassemble other splice trays during operation.
*.Haar arc structure and large splice tray design
*.Set fiber optic cable and reinforcement core fixing device
*. Full fiber path design
*. Can be welded with 24-core fiber, single core bundle 12 cores per disk, double core bundle 24 cores per plate.
Technical Parameters:
* Repackaging performance: mechanical seal, easy to disassemble, reusable
* Sealing performance: inflation pressure 100Kpa, no leakage
* Mechanical properties: the cable clamp can withstand 1000N axial tensile force, the shell can withstand 2000N radial compression force and 16N·m impulse
* Optical performance: no fiber is attenuated after coiling in the fiber collection disk
* Temperature cycling performance: good sealing performance after 80 hours of circulation at 60 ° C → room temperature → 40 ° C → room temperature
* Continuous high temperature performance: good sealing performance after maintaining at 60 ° C for 100 hours

* Chemical resistance: soaked in 5% HCl, NaOH, NaCl solution for 24 hours, no corrosion, and ensure good sealing performance

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