PP Fitting Wholesaler Suggested Precautions For PP Fittings In Winter

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PP Fitting Wholesaler Suggested Precautions For PP Fittings In Winter

Posted By fitting Tony     November 23, 2020    


  PP fitting wholesaler hinted that have obvious brittleness at low temperatures (about 5C). Improper handling and construction operations under low-temperature conditions can easily cause pipeline rupture. To ensure the safety of pipeline use, the following points should be noted:

  1. Strictly regulate the management of product loading, unloading, and storage. Do not throw, drop, roll, or drag the tube to prevent product damage and plastic tube contact and friction with sharp objects.

  2. With the advent of winter, the temperature will soon drop to about 5°C or even lower, and the water surface and frost pipes will slip. The exposed pipes should be insulated and protected, and the handling and construction should be done sooner or later, especially light handling.

  three. The pipeline storage area and the bottom of the carriage should be neatly arranged, and there should be no hard debris such as stones and bricks to avoid scratches on the pipeline.

  4. PVC pipes should not be bent too sharply. The company is equipped with special bending springs with uniform speed and force.

  5. PP-R pipes should be handled gently by two people, and pipe caps should be installed at the mouth of the pipe. It is strictly forbidden to throw or fall the pipe.

  6. The end of the PP-R pipe should be removed 4-5 cm before use. When cutting the pipe, the end should be perpendicular to the pipe axis.

  7. The pressure test medium is room temperature clean water. The pipeline should be filled with clean water for 24 hours in advance. The exhaust device should be installed at the high water level of the pipeline. The pressurization process should be uniform. The air in the pipeline will rise to the specified pressure value after several times of thorough exhaust.

  8. Before directly buried pipelines and pipelines in walls pass the pressure test and acceptance, they should be grouted or sealed in accordance with the requirements of the building code.

  9. Effective anti-freezing measures should be taken when a water pressure test is carried out in cold areas and winter. The clean water in the pipeline must be discharged after the test. To ensure the safety of the pipeline, when the temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius, try not to boil the water to avoid the accumulation of water in the pipeline and freeze the pipeline materials; if the water is really needed, the water in the pipeline must It is flowing water, so as to protect the pipeline well.

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