Whole Plant Detection Service Now Available at Lifeasible

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Whole Plant Detection Service Now Available at Lifeasible

Posted By Ed Jones     June 28, 2023    


Lifeasible, a comprehensive phytotechnology company that provides overall solutions and personalized services to researchers in the field of plant culture, plant nutrition, plant detection, etc., now provides whole plant detection service that offers specialized plant-related services to test pollen and root viability, analyze pollen morphology and root structure.


Lifeasible is outfitted with a wide range of advanced instruments and equipment in the fields to which it belongs, as well as comprehensive analysis capabilities ranging from macroscopic to microscopic and qualitative to quantitative, forming a more comprehensive support platform for plant testing research.


In order to provide comprehensive information on plant vigor, morphology, composition, structure, biochemical processes, Lifeasible now offers innovative tactics including:


Plant Pollen-Related Detection

Lifeasible offers professional plant pollen services, including pollen viability testing using the I2-KI and TTC procedures, pollen morphology testing using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, and pollen extract characterization using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.


Plant Leaf Physiological Detection

Lifeasible offers non-destructive testing of leaf physiological indicators, assessment of chlorophyll concentration, physiological water testing, and other biochemical parameters, as well as accurate, rapid, professional, and extensive testing services connected to plant leaves.


Plant Root System Detection

Lifeasible provides a TTC technique for determining plant root vigor, a plant root growth detection system for obtaining root growth dynamics and photographs, and a technology combo for root system architecture analysis.


Plant Fruit Detection

Lifeasible provides a variety of services for testing plant fruit content, as well as testing and analyzing the hardness, ripeness, and quality of various plant fruits. Services based on hyperspectral imaging for the detection of fruit disease infections are also available.


“We always focus on cutting-edge developments and work continuously to promote the next research breakthrough. And we will actively exploring the latest research methods to provide you better services.” said Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


More information about the whole plant detection service provided by Lifeasible can be viewed here: https://plant.lifeasible.com/whole-plant-detection-service.html.