What Is Principle of Air Quick Coupler?

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What Is Principle of Air Quick Coupler?

Posted By snip snip     November 25, 2020    


Air Quick Coupler is a kind of coupling that can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. For quick couplings, it can be divided into quick couplings for air, quick couplings for oxygen fuel gas, quick couplings for gas and liquid sharing, and oil Compression quick couplings, inert gas quick couplings, cooling water and warm oil quick couplings, semiconductor quick couplings.

When the quick connector is not connected to the plug, the compression spring presses the steel ball onto the steel ball seat, blocking the connecting hole, and forming a closed state; and when the plug is inserted into the connecting hole from bottom to top, the pneumatic regulating valve, the plug and the elastic The sealing seat, the elastic seal, the steel ball seat and the steel ball are in contact with each other, and then the plug moves the top of the steel ball away from the steel ball seat, opens the connecting hole, and the fluid flows out through the center hole of the plug to complete the quick docking. During the docking, the fitting between the plug and the steel ball seat and the elastic sealing seat in the connecting hole is a clearance fit, and only the elastic seal and the plug are closely matched, that is, only the elastic seal plays a role in sealing the plug.

In the operation of connecting and disconnecting the plug, when inserting a person, the plug first contacts the elastic seal to form a seal before opening the connection hole; and when pulling out, the steel ball has already blocked the connection hole before the plug is released from the elastic seal This is why there is no paint leakage when the quick connector is connected and disconnected from the plug.

For the use of quick couplings, the principles embodied in it are analyzed here. I don’t know if you have also learned about the relevant content through the introduction of this article. We also welcome consumers to come forward. Come choose our products.

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