How to Choose Your First BJJ Uniform

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How to Choose Your First BJJ Uniform

Posted By Kingz Kimonos     July 5, 2023    


A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is a uniform worn during practice and competition. Three primary pieces comprise a bjj gear: the jacket, the trousers and the belt. Unlike Gis for other martial arts, BJJ kimonos typically do not come with a belt, so you'll need to purchase one separately.
The bjj shorts is a specialised uniform for martial arts training. Since gi bjj has a lot of pulling and grasping, all Gis are durable. Judo and Aikido Gis are thinner and more durable. This is because training and rolling in jiu jitsu shorts, particularly broad sleeves, like those found in Judo Gis, are very easy to manage.
Cotton is commonly used in jiu jitsu gear because of the material's superior breathability, resistance to odour retention, and antimicrobial properties. Reinforced and in varied weaves, they vary in strength and weight.
Locate the Ideal Match for Your Needs
When shopping for a gi, it's important to consider whether or not you plan to compete in tournaments. If so, do you prepare to enter IBJJF competitions? The IBJJF size guidelines are generally adhered to, while most regional events will have fewer stringent requirements.
Picking a Gi that adheres to the IBJJF uniform requirements is crucial if you intend to compete at the IBJJF level in the future. If you're like most people, you probably don't care about competing and are content to roll with your friends at the local gym or someone else's.
Finally, if you want to compete, a blue or white gi is recommended because they are the most widely acknowledged colours. Remember that the regulations of a given tournament may restrict you from competing if you wear a black gi or one of a certain another colour.
Find a style of Gi that suits you.
Regarding the gi, Brazilian jiu jitsu t shirts (BJJ) practitioners value uniqueness above all else. Find a gi with minimal patches and logos if you identify as a minimalist. Find a gi with patterns on the cuffs and lots of pre-sewn patches if you like to go all out. Of course, there is also a plethora of fixes that can be included afterwards.  
The lesson here is to try new things until you discover a gi that represents your identity. You can also get customised, personalised jiu jitsu shirts from some shops. 
The Importance of First Gi Maintenance
Try to evaluate the quality of your Gi's construction as best you can. Though the longevity of your gi depends on several factors, including how well you care for it, it's important to know what those factors are. Is there a problem with your Gi shrinking? If so, you'll have to let it dry naturally throughout ownership. 
More detergent is needed to clean heavier bjj gis, which speeds up their deterioration. Different coloured Gis lose their vibrancy at different rates. For instance, black may seem wonderful initially, but it usually fades after about a dozen washes. The single most important thing to keep in mind is this: never bleach your gi.
Choosing a bjj gi like bjj belts is no easy task, but certain crucial factors must be considered. Your uniform might be a great first training partner if you're serious about learning Brazilian jiu jitsu belt.