Uht Milk Machine Causes Nutritional Loss

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Uht Milk Machine Causes Nutritional Loss

Posted By chirty jimei     December 12, 2018    


 Our common pasteurized milk has a shelf life of 5-15 days of different lengths. The common misconception about this is that the longer the shelf life, the better. In fact, the shorter the shelf life of the milk product, the higher the nutritional value of the product.

   As far as the current sterilization methods of dairy products are concerned, they are basically divided into two categories according to the process:

1) Pasteurized milk (pasteurization machine): It is a common "pasteurized milk". That is, milk that is sterilized by "pasteurization". The "pasteurization method" is to kill pathogenic bacteria in milk with low temperature for a long time, and to retain bacteria beneficial to the human body. However, since this method does not eliminate all the microorganisms in the milk, the product needs to be refrigerated, and the shelf life is relatively short, usually only a few days.

2) UHT sterilized milk (UHT Milk Machine): It uses high temperature to kill all bacteria in milk. Since there is no microbe in the milk, it can be stored at room temperature, and the shelf life is relatively long, generally up to 3 months.

Regardless of the type of sterilization, nutrients are lost. For milk, heating mainly damages water-soluble vitamins and proteins. It has been found that about 10% of B vitamins and 25% of vitamin C are lost during heating. In general, the deeper the degree of heating, the more these nutrients are lost. There is a high nutritional value of whey protein in milk, which also causes a certain loss when heated. Experiments have shown that about 10% of whey protein is denatured during pasteurization, while 70% of whey protein is denatured in sterilized milk from UHT. Therefore, the use of low temperature sterilization of pasteurized milk is relatively higher in nutritional value. From the above shelf life, the shorter the shelf life of the milk, the less nutrient loss. Mini Dairy Plant must choose the equipment that suits them, so that they can effectively save costs and bring you more profit.