Fiber Optic Splice Closure Causes of Reduced Sealing

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Fiber Optic Splice Closure Causes of Reduced Sealing

Posted By fiberclosure top     December 13, 2018    


Perhaps we know a lot about the equipment used in communication, but there are many places that we need to pay more attention to when operating. Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a member of fiber optic cable communication, which is an overhead for various structural cables. Straight and branch connection for laying, pipeline and direct burial. In addition, because the main body of Fiber Optic Splice Closure has high quality imported engineering materials, it is very strong and has excellent anti-aging ability.
In the operation of Fiber Optic Splice Closure, a good seal depends on the steps in the operating instructions and the use of the specified sealing material is strictly carried out, because if the operation is not caused will cause damage to the box, in order to ensure the integrity of the seal Must pay attention to the cleanliness of the seal and not contaminated with grease. Also, do not use already used sealing materials, as these inadvertent details are likely to reduce the sealability of the Fiber Optic Splice Closure.
Therefore, when installing and sealing the Fiber Optic Splice Closure, it is necessary to install a suitable sealing ring according to the outer diameter of the cable, and don't forget to tie the ribbon to prevent the sliding of the sealing ring, so-called ribbon. It is the equipment used when Fiber Optic Splice Closure performs the end tie. When removing the cable sheath from the Fiber Optic Splice Closure, do not cut it directly to avoid kinking or damage the inner sheath. If an accident occurs, the rear cable sheath can be removed to ensure sufficient cable for maintenance and maintenance.

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