Analysis Of The Characteristics Of GJS-5 Series Multi-functional Fiber Closure

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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of GJS-5 Series Multi-functional Fiber Closure

Posted By fiberclosure top     December 17, 2018    


The elastomer sealing components of GJS-5 series multi-functional Fiber Closure are made of high-quality elastomer sealing material and injection molded by mold and numerical control equipment.

Features 1. Reliable cable fixing method: The cable sheath fixing seat is made of high-strength and ultra-high viscosity PC material, and has excellent strength and elasticity. Its inner side has 1.2mm high irregular cone thorns. It can clamp the cable jacket without causing fiber damage, and avoids the possibility of large-area communication interruption accidents caused by the cable jacket being pulled off and the fiber being pulled off.

Features 2. Unconventional multi-functional design: In addition to the basic functions of the ordinary fiber closure, the multi-functional fiber closure series can also be used for the fusion of some trunk cables and non-conductor cables; some trunk cables and pigtails or tail cables. Splicing and connecting to the optical switching device through fiber jumpers.

The reinforced core fixing device is made of stainless steel screw with a diameter of Φ10mm. The screw has a fixing groove in the middle and the bottom of the groove has a curvature. The two contact points inside and outside the reinforcing core are fixed by a stainless steel nut to press the reinforcing core, and the tensile strength is extremely strong. In combination with the cable sheath fixing seat, it can reach more than 100 kilograms, which can effectively avoid the possibility of large-area communication interruption accidents caused by the impact of the natural environment and the cable pull caused by human factors. It can also be repeatedly opened and reused many times to ensure good sealing performance.

Features 3. High-quality material configuration: The housing and other plastic parts of GJS-5 series multi-functional fiber closure are made of high-strength, ultra-high viscosity PC (polycarbonate) engineering plastics imported from the raw materials. The molded product can effectively prevent the aging of materials caused by cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet rays in the natural environment, and has excellent mechanical strength.

In short, the GJS-5 series multi-function fiber closure is used for the protection of various optical cable longitudinal joints and non-joint joints, and is also used for fiber-optic network construction to achieve fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) access. The welding unit, the wiring unit, the part of the material of the network box casing, the cable of the fiber closure to the network box, and the entire operation process can be omitted.

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