Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Share Cabinet Purchase Skills

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Share Cabinet Purchase Skills

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     December 20, 2018    


Cabinets are an alternative kind of furniture. Unlike other furniture, cabinets are rarely " ready - made". When people buy cabinets, they usually choose materials and styles in the shops first, and then workers assemble them on their own. Only after the assembly can they know what the final effect will be. Many people won't choose cabinets. Today, Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers are talking about the selection of cabinets.

First, prepare for the cabinet before you buy it

It is necessary to measure the size of your kitchen. Every kitchen is different. Therefore, it is best to mark the positions of doors and windows, drainage pipes and gas pipes as carefully as possible. Secondly, the budget should be set up in advance so that the buyer can recommend the most suitable products according to the budget.

Second, confirm the kitchen style

Although the cabinet styles that are popular each year are different, they can be generally summarized into five styles, namely, classical style, country style, modern style, avant-garde style and realistic style. The material and the main form of the cabinet will be different according to the style. Consumers can agree with the designer the most suitable cabinet according to their preferences and the actual situation of their kitchen.

When communicating with designers, we also need to introduce our own situation and needs to the designers as much as possible, such as the location of the house, the direction of the kitchen pipeline, the height and working habits of the cooks, and the placing habits of other appliances in the kitchen, etc.

Third, choose the door panel and cabinet materials

After communicating with the designer, you can choose the materials of the cabinet. Cabinets usually consist of three parts: door panels, cabinet body panels and countertops.

The cabinet board is the main part of the cabinet, which constitutes the basic frame of the cabinet. Therefore, materials that are resistant to bending, compression and deformation should be selected when purchasing. The most popular cabinet material on the market at present is particleboard, which has high mechanical strength, good nail holding power and certain moisture resistance and is very suitable for use as the cabinet main body.

Fourth, pollution control after assembly

After selecting the materials, the cabinet can be assembled. However, the adhesive used in assembling the cabinet will cause formaldehyde pollution to the indoor environment. Moreover, the cabinet door panel and cabinet body are usually made of man-made plates. The artificial board is made by bonding and pressing broken wood or fiber, and the adhesive contained therein and the coating on the board surface also contain formaldehyde residues. If formaldehyde released from the cabinet is ignored and allowed to accumulate continuously, it will cause hidden dangers to human health.

It is very simple to control the indoor pollution brought by the cabinet, insist on ventilation and timely discharge of toxic gases such as formaldehyde in the room. At the same time, put several bags of activated carbon and Maya blue in the cabinet to absorb the odor, so that formaldehyde pollution can be treated from both inside and outside the cabinet and the treatment period of formaldehyde can be shortened.