Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Maintenance Requirements

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Maintenance Requirements

Posted By stainlesskb112 afa     December 26, 2018    


For the kitchen, especially the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink that is now focused on, people want to use it for a long time, and like it, and it is convenient to use, making the kitchen life more colorful. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are popular among consumers because of their environmental protection, durability, and easy cleaning. What are the points of attention on the maintenance sink? Let's take a look.

First, avoid using strong alkaline or strong oxidizing agents, solutions
When cleaning stainless steel kitchen sinks, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleach, sodium hypochlorite, etc. to wash the inside of the stainless steel kitchen sink to avoid corrosion on the stainless steel surface. In the kitchen life, try to avoid directly pouring the oil and salt sauce vinegar directly into the stainless steel sink, because these chemicals will cause some erosion on the countertop. For example, the salt will cause the stainless steel to rust.

Second, keep the stainless steel kitchen sink dry
Don't let the stainless steel sink be in the water and humid environment for a long time. Although the stainless steel sink is integrated and integrated, the parts are welded and joined together. However, if some of the welding processes are not done well and the process is defective, Moreover, in the long-term environment of humidity, oil pollution, etc., it is bound to accumulate bacteria, and some rust will occur.

Third, do not touch sharp objects on the sink surface
Cleaning the stainless steel surface must be careful not to scratch the surface, so do not hit the surface with sharp objects, avoid using hard steel balls, grinding tools, blades, etc. When washing vegetables in a stainless steel sink, pay more attention to prevent a lot of watermarks on the surface. If the watermark is left on the stainless steel sink, it is not aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Of course, the treatment method is to dry the surface of the sink in time.