What Is the Rice Purity Test and Should I Take It?

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What Is the Rice Purity Test and Should I Take It?

Posted By Kevin Thomas     October 18, 2023    


So your kid got back home discussing some Rice Purity Test they took. You're considering what precisely this test is and whether you ought to be concerned. The Rice Purity Test has been around for a really long time as a way for school children to gauge how "unadulterated" or shielded they depend on life encounters, yet presently more youthful teens are taking it as well. While some view it as only a tad of tomfoolery, others contend it advances dangerous way of behaving. As a parent, you need to ensure your teen's curiosity doesn't lead them to grow up excessively quick. This test covers 100 inquiries concerning medications, sex, and other mature themes that most 13-year-olds aren't prepared to explore.

Understanding Rice Purity Test Scores

The Rice Purity Test is intended to gauge your degree of blamelessness or educational encounters as a teenager. The scores range from 100 (unadulterated) to 0 (not unadulterated by any means). Simply relax - this test isn't true or logical. It was made by understudies at Rice College as a method for messed around.

In any case, the scores can provide you with a thought of how gutsy you've been such a long ways in life contrasted with different teens your age. For 13-year-olds, higher scores around 70-95 are normal. This implies you're zeroing in on typical childish stuff like:

  • Doing schoolwork
  • Playing sports
  • Hanging with companions
  • Perhaps you've clasped hands or had a first kiss

On the off chance that your score is on the lower end, around 50-70, that presumably implies you've begun testing somewhat more, conceivably:

  1. Attempting liquor or smoking
  2. Dating and making out
  3. Pushing a few limits with your freedom

Mainly, you feel OK with the encounters you've had up to this point. Try not to feel constrained into anything before you're prepared. Your teen years are for picking up, developing, and having safe experiences.

They've experienced all of this previously and need to help you. You absolutely never need to go through this by itself.

Is the Rice Purity Test Suitable for Long term Olds?

The Rice Purity Test was initially made as a joke among college understudies, however a few teens have begun taking it as well. As a parent, is this something you really want to stress over for your kid?

Presumably not a proper action

Generally, no. The inquiries on this test cover points like medications, liquor, and sexual encounters that most 13-year-olds have not yet experienced. Taking this sort of "purity test" could support dangerous way of behaving or make serious insecurities in teens who need educational encounters at this age.

While curiosity about these subjects is typical and solid, a purity test is certainly not a suitable way for a youngster to investigate them. At 13, your youngster is as yet fostering their character and acquiring interactive abilities. It's ideal to have open discussions about your qualities and assumptions about connections, substances, and obligations. Set clear standards and screen their web utilization.

A chance for discussion

In the event that your teen has previously stepped through this exam, use it as an opportunity to begin a mindful exchange. Express your interests for their prosperity and set constraints around these sorts of internet based exercises until they are more seasoned and better prepared to deal with them. Console them that their value isn't characterized by a score on any sort of test.

With your help and direction, your teen can construct certainty from their achievements and character as opposed to contrasting themselves with others on measures that don't exactly make any difference. The teen years go by quick, so take full advantage of this valuable chance to fortify your association and assist them with turning into the individual you realize they can be.

Tips for Guardians on Talking about the Rice Purity Test

As a parent, examining touchy subjects like the Rice Purity Test with your teen can challenge. Here are a few hints to assist with exploring this discussion:

Do your examination first

Prior to conversing with your teen, find out about what the Rice Purity Test is and what sorts of inquiries it pose. That way you'll be ready to have a transparent conversation about it.

Assemble trust

Promise your teen that they can come to you with any inquiries they have. Tell them you're there to give direction without judgment. Building a believing relationship will make these sorts of discussions simpler over the long run.

Set clear assumptions

Be extremely certain that you don't endorse them taking the Rice Purity Test. Make sense of your justifications for why and set clear standards against it. Tell them there might be ramifications assuming those rules are broken.

Screen for cautioning signs

Watch for signs your teen might be battling with issues connected with connections, sex, medications or liquor like changes in conduct, companions or propensities. Address these signs early and offer your help.

Examine solid connections

Utilize this chance to have a more extensive discussion about building solid connections, assent, and defining limits.

Set a genuine model

Model the sort of conduct and connections you need to see from your teen. Treat others with thoughtfulness, sympathy and regard. Be open about your own encounters at their age to assemble understanding.

In spite of the fact that examining delicate subjects can be troublesome, keeping an open and entrusting discourse with your teen is so significant. By setting clear assumptions, giving direction, and showing others how its done you are assisting them with forming into mindful and caring people. With your help, they will figure out how to use sound judgment when confronted with difficulties like the Rice Purity Test.

Cultivating Sound Viewpoints on Guiltlessness and Development

As a parent, keeping up with open correspondence with your teen about connections and sexuality is significant. The "Rice Purity Test" may appear to be a harmless test, however it can advance undesirable perspectives whenever misjudged. Here are a few hints to assist with encouraging sound viewpoints in your teen.

Talk about your qualities

Have genuine discussions about your family's qualities with respect to connections, closeness and development. Make sense of that encounters don't characterize an individual's worth or development. Assist them with understanding that everybody advances at their own speed.

Advance self-esteem from the inside

Urge your teen to foster their personality and confidence from their inclinations, values and achievements as opposed to their heartfelt or sexual encounters. Assist them with seeking after side interests, exercises and fellowships that help their certainty from the inside.

Put down suitable standards and stopping points

Be steady and finish sensible standards and limits to guard them while taking into consideration expanding autonomy and obligation over the long haul as they mature. Ensure they comprehend your guidelines are set up out of care and worry for their prosperity.

Screen for peer pressure

Watch for signs your teen might feel constrained to take part in exercises they are not happy with to acquire peer acknowledgment or status. Have open discussions about managing peer strain and assist with building their certainty to pursue decisions that line up with their own qualities.

Look for proficient assistance if necessary

Make sure to a clinical expert on the off chance that you have worries about your teen's connections or sexual movement, or on the other hand assuming you notice indications of unfortunate mentalities or unsafe ways of behaving. An instructor or specialist can give direction intended for your circumstance and assist with resolving these issues.

The Rice Purity Test and other "blamelessness tests" shouldn't characterize a teen's development or self-esteem. With your help and direction, your teen can foster their own character and settle on decisions that are ideal for them.


The Rice Purity Test is intended to quantify valuable encounters that frequently accompanied age and freedom. For a rice purity test for 13 year olds, a large portion of the inquiries on the test will not matter and that is totally ordinary. Instead of stressing on the off chance that they score a high or low number on some inocence test, have open discussions about connections, limits and navigation. Assist them with chasing after new interests and support their curiosity about the world during a time fitting way. The teen years frequently fly by, so value each new achievement and memory you make together. The rest will sort out itself in time.