Do You Know Inkjet Cover Film

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Do You Know Inkjet Cover Film

Posted By TTaiWei HAINING     December 3, 2020    


Haining Taiwei New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of medium and high-end light box cloth. The main products include exterior lighting cloth, interior lighting cloth, inkjet cover film, double-sided spraying, PET, mesh and tarpaulin.

The inkjet cover film can run the computer Grafix film through an inkjet printer or a laser printer/copier to create a unique design directly on your own computer. Print bright images, clear text, custom overlays, diaries, window effects, stickers and photos on Computer Grafix blank transparencies. Try rubber embossing and embossing to add extra texture and size to all items. These movies make designing scrapbook pages and paper crafts more creative than ever!

After a special coating, it can produce bright colors and clear details. Excellent print results can be written. It can dry-erase the handwriting with dry-erase marks without damaging the print area. Very suitable for printing business charts or configuration files or printed documents for classroom teaching
Can be printed by inkjet printer. Very suitable for making handicrafts or floating decorations, as well as screen printing and other applications
Value packaging: 20 sheets per pack, with durable packaging, size 8.5 inches x 11 inches, thickness approximately 4.5 million mils
Tip: Distinguish the printing side-lay the film flat, the rounded corner of the paper is at the lower right corner, and the side facing up is the printing side. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Please note
Print on the printing surface! The rounded corners of the film are in the lower right corner, and the upward side is the printing side.
If you print on the wrong side, the ink will smudge and will be difficult to dry.