How To Maintain Inkjet Cloth

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How To Maintain Inkjet Cloth

Posted By TTaiWei HAINING     December 17, 2020    


As we all know, the inkjet cloth is composed of two layers of PVC film and a layer of mesh cloth. The production process is ordinary one-time bonding and two-time bonding. But in most cases, it is exposed to the outside and cannot avoid the wind and sun. Fading occurs, and the guide screen loses its beauty and authenticity. So, what are the reasons for the fading of the inkjet cloth? Let us take this question and take a look together:

Fading is mainly caused by changes in the pigments in the ink due to ultraviolet radiation and rain erosion. The specific reasons are as follows:
01. Ink
One of the reasons for the fading of the spray painting surface is the pigment in the ink. The light resistance of the pigment is generally divided into 1-8 grades, of which the 8th grade is the highest. Therefore, we should choose according to the needs when choosing ink pigments, such as choosing Light fast ink
02. Environment
Because the billboard is located in a different place, the time of exposure to ultraviolet light will also be different, so the intensity and time of ultraviolet radiation are also very different, which ultimately leads to different weather resistance.
03. Inkjet cloth
The biggest factor in the fading of the inkjet painting surface is the choice of inkjet cloth, because the choice is different, the ink absorption of the inkjet cloth is also different, and the alkali resistance of the surface is also different, so it also determines the ink retention time on the inkjet cloth
The above are the main reasons for the fading of the inkjet cloth, I hope it can help you! Generally, by adding an anti-ultraviolet coating on the surface of the inkjet cloth or spraying a layer after the picture is painted, the weather resistance of the inkjet cloth can be effectively improved. Have you remembered?