A Prophetic Promise of A New World - Now!
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A Prophetic Promise of A New World - Now!

Posted By Maurice Pocai     December 4, 2020    


When I popped out a loose one, I discovered the sand on which Dream Life Mastery Review it was laid had shifted-in other words, the foundation had slid out from under it!As I stood there pondering, I heard a voice from the other side of the patio saying, "When you build your house on a foundation of sand..." Oops!In Matthew 7:26 Jesus called the man who did just that "foolish." Why had I listened to the "experts" when Jesus knows more about foundations than anyone around?!

The patio project also became a teaching point on "love of the brethren." The idea had been mine from the get-go, and I fully intended doing all the work-but like I said, the project grew. Before I knew it, Susan jumped in to work alongside. And then Dave joined the crew-and we were now three where there had been only one.Doesn't scripture talk about the strength of a cord of three strands? Doesn't it also teach that we are to love others more than ourselves? What better way to learn these lessons than having it played out in real life right before my eyes-and to my benefit!

The clearest illustration of Biblical principle I saw in the project was in the rock itself. In stacks, the broken pieces were unattractive- irregular shapes, of varying thicknesses, dirty and not very appealing in color. But as I began to fit the curve of one stone against the curve of another, a pattern began to emerge.By the time the spaces between the stones were filled, we had a fascinating grout pattern holding together an intricate mosaic of multi-hued fieldstone.