The Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes - Do You Know What They Are?
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    • Last updated December 9, 2020
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The Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes - Do You Know What They Are?

Posted By Maurice Pocai     December 9, 2020    


It seems high blood glucose levels reduce your immune system's BPS – 5 Review ability to fight off infection. Thus, if you notice gum infections that simply will not go away, consult your health care provider instead of your dentist.Blurred Vision:If you notice your vision blurring, you have to consider the possibility of diabetes especially if you have several of the high risk factors. This occurs when your ocular lens fill with fluid due to high blood sugar levels and changes the way the lens refracts light. 

And it is not just blurred vision that you have to worry about when type 2 diabetes remains undetected and untreated. You also have to think of the long-term complications like glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy, all of which can and will affect the quality of your life.Again, it must be emphasized that if you notice any of these symptoms, you must consult your health care provider as soon as possible. 

There is no hiding the awful fact that diabetes is a very dangerous threat to a person's life, especially for those who are getting old. Statistics show that an estimated one out of seven people are suffering from what is known as pre diabetic condition. Since there are no real cures for diabetes as of the moment, pre diabetic condition is the opportunity for you to avoid and beat the threat of this condition even before it occurs. But first, what is pre diabetic condition.