Multivitamins and Supplements May Help With ADHD

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Multivitamins and Supplements May Help With ADHD

Posted By Leslie Badena     December 8, 2020    


Another study, conducted by the University of Toronto Focused Brain Review with Harvard University, found that creative people are also distractible people. Creative people are less able to adequately filter out external stimuli. Because of this, they often work better in isolated settings with minimal outside noise.No one can dispute that many of the most famous artists and writers and musicians of the modern age have struggled with mental disorders like depression or bipolar disorder. Some of these creative people are household names because of their accomplishments, even.

While the purported link between mental illness and creativity is fascinating, it is likely that the debate over whether it actually exists will continue for decades. Before anything can be firmly concluded more research is needed. In the mean time, people will continue to buy into the idea of the tortured artist toiling away with only the company of his or her mental demons to cheer them.

Born 41 years ago, Linden has had personal experiences struggling with everything from anxiety to agoraphobia. He drew from that background to tailor a special treatment program. It is known as The Linden Method.Linden's program was not created overnight, but took seven years to complete. As a fellow sufferer, Linden was committed to using his experience to help provide the maximum support for others who faced challenges. He particularly wanted to reach those who struggled with fear and anxiety.