4 Unique Floor Cushion Ideas
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4 Unique Floor Cushion Ideas

Posted By cushandco cushandco     Jan 18    


Use floor cushions to improve dull spaces in your home decor. These oversized stuffed furnishings come in unlimited colors, fabrics, and shapes. They provide cozy seating options and have handy multi-purpose utility. Think about the boring floors.

Find clever ways to transform rooms with soft floor cushions. They are plush and functional. You can use them as seats or tables. They can also be used to decorate walls creatively. You can build relaxing reading nooks with them. They are great for crafting imaginative play spaces. The possibilities are endless!

This article has four-floor cushions Australia ideas. They go beyond basic seating. They can inspire personalized rooms. The rooms will reflect your vision. A floor cushion can be used for decoration. It has a lot of potential.



1. Handy Side Table Service

Floor seating requires nearby surfaces for snacks, controllers, or beverages. Use floor cushions as tabletops instead of adding more coffee tables. Just place a wooden craft board or acrylic sheets on top of your cushions. Make sure they are a few inches wider than the cushions. Use non-slip pads to secure anchor boards. Here it is! Get a table for trays, cups, and bowls when friends come over. You can use a folding TV caddy to create tiered levels for more serving capacity. This hack makes floor cushions more versatile without spending extra money on furniture.

2. Artsy Wall Decorations

Plain empty walls present opportunities to showcase oversized floor cushions as attention-grabbing art pieces! Opt for boldly patterned styles like vibrant Moroccan trellis or abstract watercolored textures. Accent with matching throw blankets for a bohemian atmosphere.

Alternately, frame white floor cushions within rustic wooden crates, palette wood or macrame swings for textural intrigue. Paint phrases or shapes directly onto the cushions themselves for DIY flair. Where wall space allows, arrange colorful floor cushion collections to mimic painted art collages. Thinking creatively transforms basic floor cushions into stunning galleries delivering smiles and compliments aplenty!

3. Reading Nook Retreats

Carve out small private retreats, even within shared living areas, using floor cushions as barriers. Arrange two large cushions perpendicular against walls or room corners. Drape blankets across both to craft an enclosed canopy. Scatter plush pillows inside over rug layers creating nest-like lounging pads.

The inviting hideaway offers peaceful reading nooks to enjoy novels or mobile devices distraction-free. For larger families, build customizable modular cushion forts allowing each person their own media cocoon yet kept nearby for interaction. Sheer curtains over entryways maintain daylight while ensuring sound privacy. Impromptu cushy nooks maximize personal downtime sans expensive builders!



4. Children’s Play Pads

Parents worry when kids play rough and might get hurt on hard floors. Make floors safer by adding extra thick floor cushions everywhere. The padding is plush and soft. It protects against injuries. It is good for clumsy tumbles and diving. It feels comfy to burrow into sinkable textures during downtime. The covers are very strong and can handle stains from children. Arrange floor cushions Australia into obstacles for a race track or building blocks for creativity. Therapeutic cushions help childproof and bring peace during distractions.


Floor cushions unlock amazing decorative potential whether used as handy tables, artsy wall hangings, private reading nooks, or safe children’s play pads. Visit CushandCo’s Australian online store to discover custom sizes and designer fabrics to match your vision.