The basic function of A7 cut resistant gloves

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The basic function of A7 cut resistant gloves

Posted By nbglove nbglove     December 9, 2020    


A7 cut resistant gloves are a kind of gloves that are difficult to cut, and protect the opponent. Cut-resistant gloves are exceptionally cut-resistant and wear-resistant, making them high-quality hand labor protection products. The service life of a pair of cut-resistant gloves is equivalent to 500 pairs of ordinary thread gloves, which can be called "one as a hundred". It can be widely used in meat cutting, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical industry, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries.

Wearing anti-cut gloves, you can grasp the blades of sharp tools such as daggers and bayonets. A small pair of cut-resistant gloves are necessary equipment for public security, armed police, security and other industries to defend their lives and make achievements. In today's society, taxi drivers are also one of the high-risk occupations. Once they encounter a robbery, there is a possibility of car loss. The anti-cutting gloves are equipped to make the driver friends have the confidence to subdue the gangsters in an emergency, and they can not only protect themselves, but also subdue the gangsters.

The characteristics of A7 cut-resistant gloves: 1. The quality, structure and workmanship have reached international standards. 2. A steel wire glove has more than 5000 stainless steel rings and stainless steel rings independently welded and knitted. 3. The welding between the steel ring and the steel ring is fuller, can withstand greater tension, and is soft and conformable. 4. It complies with the European standard EN1082/EN420, the highest level of anti-cutting reaches level 5, with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 5. High-quality stainless steel, safe and hygienic, easy to clean, is an ideal choice for the food industry.

The basic performance of A7 cut resistant gloves: 1. Anti-cutting, anti-stab, anti-skid, and abrasion resistance; 2. Excellent anti-cutting performance, abrasion resistance and anti-stab performance; 3. Can effectively protect human hands from being cut by knives, etc. Sharp blade cuts; 4. Excellent anti-skid performance can protect objects from falling when grabbing.