What Are The Advantages Of Ecca Wire

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What Are The Advantages Of Ecca Wire

Posted By xiu weetime     December 15, 2020    


1. ECCA wire can save a lot of costs, improve the competitiveness of products, and increase considerable economic benefits for enterprises.

2. According to the skin effect, when the AC frequency reaches 5MHZ, the AC resistance of using copper-clad aluminum and copper is exactly the same, that is to say, using the same wire diameter as the copper wire will not affect its electrical performance. When the frequency of the alternating current is higher, the influence of the resistance of the copper-clad aluminum will be less and less. When the frequency of the alternating current reaches 5MHZ, the influence of the resistance is completely negligible.

3. The performance of the product meets market requirements.

Application fields of aluminum enameled wire

1. Used to make windings that require light weight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation, especially windings that transmit high-frequency signals;

2. Electromagnetic wires for high-frequency transformers, ordinary transformers, inductance coils, degaussing coils, motors, household motors and micro motors;

3. enamelled wire for rotor coils of micro motors;

4. Special electromagnetic wires for audio coils and optical drives;

5. Magnet wire for display deflection coil;

6. Magnet wire for degaussing coil;

7. Electromagnetic wires used for internal coils of mobile phones and driving components of watches;

8. Other special electromagnetic wires.