How Should Suspended Access Equipment Be Installed?

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How Should Suspended Access Equipment Be Installed?

Posted By Alan Wood     December 20, 2020    


Suspended access equipment includes counterweights and outrigger beams which are secured to engineered roof anchors. Via the beam eye, suspension lines are connected. The lines feed through motors (climbers) and help in the descending or ascending of a stage. Every motor located on stage needs an operator, and it needs a life line of its own. Find out how suspended access equipment needs to be set up.

Roof plan

It is the first thing that is required for a new site, during the installation of a suspended building cleaning equipment. This helps workers in planning rescue operations, spotting anchors for plan drops and lifelines, anchors for beam tiebacks etc. It is important to use scaffolding and parapet clamps, and also make sure that electrical connections are installed properly for power source for the roof.

Stage Size

It is important to check the size of stage that is used, and for visualizing every drop that goes down the building. Know about the dangers and extrusions that are existent. You have to inspect whether the stage is able to reach the surface of the ground, or whether it should be parked atop a roof and accessed with the help of a ladder.

Area beneath stages

It is also essential to ensure that the areas beneath the stages for every drop can be fenced off in a safe way. You have to make sure that all the materials and tools are tethered by workers when they are working high up above on a facade access equipment, so as to safeguard those down below.

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