How Do I Maintain My Weight While on Vacation?
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    • Last updated December 22, 2020
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How Do I Maintain My Weight While on Vacation?

Posted By Sidney Urbain     December 22, 2020    


Six To Eight Are The Magic Numbers When it comes to Luminae Review weight training, you need to aim to lift heavy weights that target your whole body. So choose between six to eight different lifts that cover your legs and upper body muscle sets, then do two to three sets of between six and eight reps. Keep the reps downs so that you can lift heavier weights.

Try And Do Your Cardio Training Early In The Morning If you do your cardio training on an empty stomach in the morning, you'll burn up your blood sugar reserves quickly, and then your body will have to turn to your stored body fat for fuel. So by doing your cardio exercises early in the morning before breakfast you'll burn more body fat than if you exercise later in the day.

These 7 tips should be combined with a controlled intake of calories. You need to make sure that your diet restricts the calories you consume to less than you're burning each day. Don't starve yourself, just be controlled. Eat slightly smaller portions, chew your food more and try and reduce your fat intake by choosing healthier options.