Choose A Wooden Crafts Wholesale For Your Group

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Choose A Wooden Crafts Wholesale For Your Group

Posted By jingdian classic     December 24, 2020    


wooden crafts wholesale are great for creating personalized projects, and we shared some of our favorites. These projects provide opportunities for various craftsmen to succeed, regardless of their age or ability. Choose a wooden craft for your group, add various paints, brushes, paper, glue, and decorations, and see what everyone has created!

  Wooden plaque

  These budget cards are 12 per box, and the scalloped corners add flare! Our sample below is made with acrylic paint, and the letters are made with acrylic paint markers. You can also use liquid paint and permanent marking.

  Wooden plaque craft

  These oval patches are perfect for many projects! The example below was created by first scrubbing the patches with a watercolor brush and then adding puff details.

  Wooden crafts plaque

  This laser-cut wooden anchor plaque can be customized for various projects and themes!

  Anchor theme wood crafts

  For fun photo transfer activities, please use our wooden plaque classification. You can transfer any photos you want to these plaques-they are beautiful souvenirs. View a step-by-step tutorial here.

  Wooden photo plaque

  Inspirational Woodcraft

  Our double-sided wooden plaque has slang on both sides! One side of the inspirational plaque is "Blessing" and the other side is "Welcome". The letters are lightly burned by the laser, so you can easily paint or dye the letters and add your own design around the edges. Ideal for wood burning, paint, stains or marker pens. Jute is used to hang plaques.

  For the following example, we use acrylic paint and sponge painting techniques as the outer boundary.

  Inspiring wood craft

  We created the following example by mixing acrylic paint on the plates, and then using metal and regular paint markers as the lettering details.

  Positive offer wood craft

  Wooden pallets

  There are many ways to decorate these wooden pallet signs! Decorate with paint, stains, stamps, lettering, paper, etc. The size of each sign is 8×8 inches, and the top includes a hole connected to jute. The following sample is made with acrylic paint and permanent marking.

  DIY wooden pallet sign

  You can also make your design super personal and give it to them as a gift! We created the following example by decoupling the pattern paper on each horizontal wood chip. Then, we added wooden craft letters to spell "Good Times" and used a hot glue gun to add a tiny clothespin to create a special memory board!

  Memory board tray

  Use our mini wooden pallets to create coasters, decorate artwork and more! They are made of unprocessed pine wood and can be decorated with paint, stains, markers, etc. at any time. The example below is created on the basis of an acrylic white "washed" with permanent marking details and text.

  Mini wooden tray

  Wooden craft letters

  These new laser-cut wooden letters are perfect for personalizing any project, and they are large enough to make a project! Paint, stain or even make it natural. Wrap them in yarn, cut them with colored tissue paper, or paint them with acrylic paint only. The 300 sets include 11, each with 26 letters, and the other 3 are A, E and 2 additional I, O, U, Y. These letters are 3 inches high.

  Check out all our wooden letter options here.

  Wooden letters

  Wooden cube

  Our brand new 2-inch solid wood cubes are perfect for various craft projects! Paint, stains, deformation, etc. Please check out some of our works below!

  Green cube: Paint the cube with green acrylic paint, then add wooden shapes and letters.

  Gift: This design is made by using torn tissue paper to be placed on a cube like a collage and then cut. Then add a ribbon for decoration.

  Photo cube: Paint the cube with acrylic paint. Add some designs with permanent marks. Then paste or crop your favorite photos to each side!

  Wood crafts

  You can also use these cubes for holiday decorations and gifts, for example, this Christmas block display or our popular photo memory puzzle.

  Merry Christmas Crafts

  Wood crafts

  Wooden pallets

  This set of 12 functional wooden trays with handles can be decorated with paint, stains, paper cuts, etc.! We paint with green acrylic paint underneath, then apply pink flowers and use permanent markers to create exquisite details.

  Wooden pallet craft

  We also used these wooden trays to create a cookie tray for Santa Claus. See a brief holiday decorations wholesale here.