Several Ways Of Hanging Cloth For Low Pressure Injection Bucket Mould
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Several Ways Of Hanging Cloth For Low Pressure Injection Bucket Mould

Posted By rixiang alex     December 30, 2020    


Hanging needles are not adjustable, suitable for relatively flat products, use the extensibility of the fabric itself to save Bucket Mould space, but it is easy to tear the fabric. For 2-hole products, separate hanging fabrics are required.

  The second type: adjustable hanging needle

  It is suitable for products with large drop and complex shapes. The hanging needle can be adjusted by itself, which can effectively protect the fabric.

  The third type: use the hook form

  The fabric is clamped by a hook to hang the fabric vertically. This method is easy to operate and avoids the sharp part of the hanging needle from getting into people. The fabric can be automatically adjusted during the mold clamping process, and it is not easy to wrinkle.

  10. Several ways of pressing cloth for low pressure injection mould

  The first type: press needle form

  Using thimble to reform, the processing is simple and convenient, but the cloth pressing needle is easy to crush the cloth.

  The second type: small pressed cloth form

  Different from the general cloth pressing needle which is easy to crush the cloth, the spring is used to automatically adjust the pressure of the cloth. The curved surfaces of the two cloth pressing blocks are matched, and the service life is long, but the processing cost is high.

  The third type: the form of large pressing cloth

  Different from the normal cloth pressing needle which is easy to crush the cloth, the pressure of the cloth is automatically adjusted by the nitrogen spring, and the ball screw is slidingly matched with the front mold to adjust while closing the mold. This type of cloth pressing has the best effect, but the processing cost is high.

  11. Summary of low pressure injection molding mold

  1) The demoulding angle around the product is required to be more than 5 degrees. If it is less than 5 degrees, the skin will be strained. The corner R angle should be more than 2 times the glue thickness.

  2) The product must not have sharp corners, acute angles and other defects, which will cause the product's skin to be easily broken (the skin is easily broken and shiny with non-woven fabrics; the composite skin with leather, sponge, and non-woven fabrics is easy to collapse corners, thereby affecting the product Beautiful), the fluctuation of the product is not easy to be too large.

  3) The parting surface of the mold surface needs to be R transitioned, and no favorable corners can appear to prevent scratching and crushing of the fabric.

  4) When designing the mold, it should be noted that the gate cannot be fed with side feeding, latent and other conventional feeding methods, and the inverted mold design and large nozzle design should be used.

  5) The hot runner should be controlled by a sequence valve in order to better adjust the injection molding process; the hot runner is different from the conventional hot runner, the nozzle temperature is not easy to be too high (about 200 degrees) to prevent scalding the skin; the nozzle lining is not easy to be too long and must not More than 15mm to prevent surface shrinkage.

  6) The parting surface is inconsistent with ordinary injection molds. The main parting surface needs to be avoided. The reserved space is 1-2mm thicker than the thickness of the skin, so that the skin has room for extension. The side parting surface needs to reserve a space for the compression skin, the non-woven fabric and the compression amount are about 0.6mm, and the three-layer composite skin of the skin, sponge and non-woven fabric, the pre-compression shall not be less than 1mm.

  12. comparation of samples of Automobile A pillar of injection molding and low pressure injection molding

  13. some drawing pictures of low pressure injection molding

  The surface of the product cannot be feed with material. The low-pressure injection Paint Bucket Mould generally adopts the flip-chip method, and the hot runner of the needle valve directly enters the product B side.