Get in Shape - The Best Advice
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Get in Shape - The Best Advice

Posted By Steffan Devin     January 4, 2021    


Today in America, no one really knows how many people CitroBurn Review suffer from compulsive overeating. One thing is for sure, it's more than we'd like to think. In a country that's rapidly turning obese quickly, dealing with compulsive overeating and finding a way how to stop compulsive overeating should be a priority for our healthcare professionals.

But Just What is Compulsive Overeating?Compulsive eating involves eating a lot of food when a person is not hungry. It often involves eating large quantities in a short time, known as binge eating or eating throughout the day and never truly stopping. It can affect both men and women and it's not just obese people who suffer.

In the psychiatric community, the general consensus is that compulsive overeating is actually a form of comforting. Usually it starts because of a stressful situation and to reduce stress levels a person will resort to overeating to try and feel better, but many people who suffer from this eating disorder also view it as a very bad thing, which brings about feelings of shame, guilt and also in some cases extreme depression.