Animal Crossing: The proud blue rose in new horizons

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Animal Crossing: The proud blue rose in new horizons

Posted By rs dean     January 5, 2021    


Planting blue roses can be used as an Animal Crossing: the boss in New Horizons, its complexity is prohibitive, and it is not a good way to make money, it is a planting that many players will choose to give up. But for some players, successful planting is a proud thing, complicated DNA coding, a very difficult combination of flowers and colors. They will use blue roses as accessories to decorate houses and islands.

In the preliminary stage, learn some knowledge about flower reproduction, because using more complex methods to plant will increase the chance of obtaining blue roses. For example, engraving specific positions and chessboard patterns are very helpful. It is also necessary to learn to understand the method of testing hybridization.

Planting special white roses is the first stage. Players need to obtain red, white, and yellow rose seeds from Cranny in Nook or from neighboring islands and let them cross with other flowers. Planting two white roses in a diagonal checkerboard pattern to obtain a purple rose is the first step. Cross the purple rose with the yellow rose to obtain a white rose, and then let the purple rose to cross it to obtain the desired purple rose. It can be tested by crossing with yellow roses. Purple roses that produce yellow roses are what we need. And the white rose produced with it is the special white rose we want. You can get more white roses we want by testing the purple roses.

The second stage is to obtain hybrid red roses. You only need a large number of hybrid red rose seeds to get black roses. Crossing black roses with previous special white roses can get the special red roses we want. Cross the special white rose obtained above with the hybrid red rose to obtain an orange rose. Then let him cross with the special white rose he obtained before. This mixed red rose is the only variety that can get blue roses.

In the end, you can cross the hybrid red rose to get a blue rose, and the blue rose can be seeded by itself, so when you plant a blue rose, it means you have succeeded. Blue rose can sell up to 1000 bells, but it is the main component of the DIY blue rose crown that players can wear, and it is generally used for decoration. If you do not have enough patience and time, I suggest you go to the website: You can ACNH Buy Items, Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, and more. Go to your own island and home to show your blue rose!