Wide application of intravenous I.V. Catheters in clinic

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Wide application of intravenous I.V. Catheters in clinic

Posted By krista medicalmould     January 6, 2021    


The intravenous I.V. Catheters are also called intravenous trocar. The core components include a flexible catheter/cannula that can be indwelled in a blood vessel, and a stainless steel puncture guide needle core. When in use, the catheter and the needle core are punctured into the blood vessel together. When the catheter is fully inserted into the blood vessel, the needle core is withdrawn, and only the soft catheter is left in the blood vessel for infusion therapy.

I.V. Catheters are divided into open type and closed type, open type is divided into ordinary type and safety type (anti-needle stick type), and closed type is divided into ordinary type and safety type (anti-needle stick injury).

The scope of application of the I.V. Catheters: intermittent, continuous or daily intravenous infusion therapy. The use of scalp steel needles should be limited to short-term or single-dose administration to collect blood samples or infusion of blood and blood products. Intermittent bolus).

The use of I.V. Catheters can reduce the pain and fear of injections caused by repeated venipuncture in children, reduce parents' anxiety, facilitate clinical medication, emergency and critically ill patients, reduce the workload of nurses, and reduce children Because of the pain, intravenous I.V. Catheters are widely used in clinical practice. Facing the special group of children, the length of indwelling time of intravenous I.V. Catheters and the comfort of the children have become the most concern of nurses and parents, and they are also a sign and promotion of the successful use of I.V. Catheters. Premise.

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