Looking For The Perfect Push Up Umbrella

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Looking For The Perfect Push Up Umbrella

Posted By Liyfffa linhai     January 12, 2021    


  The weather is good, the terrace is coming, and all you need is a little shade to make your outdoor room more comfortable. Therefore, you are looking for the perfect umbrella to increase space. Finding furniture that suits your terrace lifestyle, areas you want to shade and your aesthetics is not necessarily difficult. Here, we will use some techniques to simplify the process to guide you through the process.

  getting Started

  Choosing the right Push Up Umbrella for the terrace starts with how to use the shaded space. This is a dining area. Can all employees sit around the table and have a meal together? Or a place to relax while you have a leisurely conversation and relaxation? The answer will provide you with one of two basic umbrella styles-market style or cantilever style-each with its own function, which makes it the best choice among all plans.

  Dining-Push Up Umbrella

  The Push Up Umbrella market has an upright pole that can pass through the hole in the center of many outdoor tables and is fixed to the base below. It is an ideal choice for covering a restaurant or tavern on a terrace. The market umbrella is opened with a crank. Once opened, you can use one of the three tilt mechanisms (button, automatic tilt, or collar) to adjust the angle of the canopy left and right.

  If your Push Up Umbrella is shaded on a small table, you can choose the button option. This style allows anyone to easily reach and adjust the angle of the canopy using the buttons located on the pivot point of the pole height. Or, if the width of the table is difficult to reach a button, you can choose an automatic tilt mechanism. With this pattern, the same crank that opened the cover will also tilt to the left or right as you continue to crank. Another tilt option is to use an easy-to-turn and inconspicuous collar around a pole on the level of the table.

  Dialogue-Cantilever Umbrella

  When the time spent on the terrace means chatting with close friends, the umbrella pole between the two can be uncomfortable. In this case, the cantilever umbrella is a good choice. In this style, the canopy is suspended above the seating area, while the base is located outside the seating area.

  Like market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas have open cranks and can tilt left and right, but they can also swing 360 degrees around the bottom of the rod. This allows the canopy to travel around a larger circle and provide shade for different areas without moving the bulky base. This is a welcome feature for large terraces with multiple living areas. Some bases have wheels, which also make it easier to move. If you are sure that you will never need to move your umbrella, you can also install the cantilever style in a permanent protective cover based on the ground or deck, eliminating the need for a large, sand-filled base.

  Size + shape

  After choosing the basic style of the umbrella, it is time to consider the size of the area to be blocked. As you might expect, the wider the canopy, the greater the area it will block the sun. So, for example, a 9-foot octagonal market umbrella can provide nearly 60 square feet of shade-enough to hold a small table and four chairs. If you have a larger table and six chairs, an 11-foot long umbrella canopy is more suitable. With the seemingly small increase to the 13-foot canopy, the sun-shading area has increased to nearly 130 square feet-enough to accommodate an entire patio room with a sofa, one or two double sofas, and a stove.

  As for the shape, the choice between a square or octagonal ceiling is mainly up to personal preference, but for a rectangular table, our market umbrella, which measures 8 feet by 10 feet, is another option.


  When it comes to your cover material, it is important to choose a solution-dyed fabric. This means that the dye can completely penetrate the threads the fabric-resulting in fade resistance, which can be guaranteed to last for several years. If you visit our collection, you will find that we only simplify the work for you by providing the most trusted fabrics of Sunbrella, O'Bravia, and S-olefin.


  Now comes the interesting part-it's time to talk about color. When choosing colors, you can use one of the following two methods. One option is to use an umbrella as an accessory to match the theme of the space you are in-perhaps repeat the colors found in pillows or other accessories.

  Or, if you want the flexibility to change the color theme every season or year, you can choose a neutral color for your umbrella-a color that can reflect your patio furniture, garden decorations, or house. We recommend choosing slightly lighter, slightly darker, or textured colors to create a little contrast in the space.

  When you stay, be sure to bring a terrace or other inspirational photos. Our team of terrace experts can also introduce you to our customized color and pattern options, and we are happy to help you find the perfect match for your space.

  It's time to live outside

  Beautiful and well-equipped terrace umbrellas are an important part of perfecting your outdoor space and creating a more enjoyable terrace experience. In our showroom collection, you will find more than 40 styles of Push Up Umbrella, Custom Outdoor Furniture.

  Whether you are adding a new umbrella to an existing outdoor room or starting a new umbrella from a complete custom series, our team of terrace experts will guide you through the process and turn your vision into reality.