I currently make about 2 mil per day merching p2p
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I currently make about 2 mil per day merching p2p

Posted By Sunxuemei Sunxuemei     January 24, 2021    


Get 85+ in Attack and Defence, and you could prob just reach 90 Strength. You'll need to get 70+ Agility if you anticipate going to Sara GWD, and I'd suggest 90+ Range for Arma. So in RuneScape 2107 gold the event that you have some alright armour you need to be OK. In respect to getting higher stats, just do what you feel is necessary, some quests require a certain level in a skill and that quest may lead you to some fantastic weapon/armour/new area/etc.

You are really near 99 fishing, and it is going to only be trained quicker as you get it higher! So, possibly do some barbarian fishing or dwelling rock caverns to get this cape. Here's a really brief manual to show you the quickest levels you can get:

1-15 Basic trees south of the ge, either market to the ge, cut into unstrung bows and market to general store, or burn off the logs. 15-31 Oaks south of this ge. Sell them to the ge, cut into unstrung bows and sell to the general shop, or burn off the logs. Get an adamant hatchet and put a rune one along with a dragon hatchet into the bank for afterwards. 31-68 Cut willows at Barbarian assult. Burn themdrop to get up to 20k more wc exp a hour, but shed a tremendous amount of fm exp. Switch to dragon hatchet if you get 61 wc. 68+ Cut ivy at any location you would like to, and wear a rabbits foot necklace. Be cautious of bird manure.

I currently make about 2 mil per day merching p2p. I currently have 38 mil money that I merch together and I have a net worth of about 40-42 mil. I wan na na learn better approaches. I am not asking what your items are, but how you go about merching. What sectors do you focus on? How long or short are your investments? Can you reverse? How long can cheap OSRS gold you hold a flipped item? I'll start...