So umm is there another solution to find somewhere to key properly?
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    • Last updated January 28, 2021
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So umm is there another solution to find somewhere to key properly?

Posted By Sunxuemei Sunxuemei     January 28, 2021    


I can't be RuneScape gold 100% on this but I am confident that mage emptiness will provide exactly the same result as melee. With void and maximum equipment, you'll get somewhere into the 80s or even 90s with regards to magic attack bonus. If you compare this to Ahrims and the exact same secondary equips, there would be much more than a 30% gap (favoring ahrims). There continue to be uses for emptiness, they are just few and far between.

I think 4 power used to equivalent 1 harm, meaning for each 4th stage of strength, you would do 1 more point of damage in case your strength level does not change. If that's still true, and that I don't know whether it's because I am long retired (rather ), then it's simple to compute the worth of the Melee Void set. The basic answer is that they're all good, and even though some of them might be inferior to your equipment, they're still items easy to gain.

Im finally getting a hang with keying adapting to my low absolute and everything figuring out things to do it worsecase scenarious to protector door priorities but today is where I wan to truly practice keying and watch my"true" times with an ideal team.

Before you say anything although I secret an average of 25-27 minute average in 3bo but from what im experienced is that there are still some men and women who just can not dungeoneer properly chiefly because they can't pay attention or dont take the initiative to auto gate or something such as that being shy and stuff depending on keyer too much. I see 110+ requirements too but I understand why, but my goal is to be able to key sub20 floors and I really wish to practice keying...

So umm is there another solution to find somewhere to key properly? Or simply wait 110 dunge and server floors 110+? Do not even suggest DGS, they are a terrible clan that aims to be effective yet is exceptionally inefficient and hypocritical, while attempting to stop anyone who points this out by reporting their articles as junk. Grimy Bunyip (among the leaders) has also publicly said that he thinks that Bu11seye00 must hack RuneScape, as he can conceive no other manner where Bu11seye00 could get flooring faster than Grimy does (that average in well over 20mins). Multiple members of DGS have also stated that they believe cheap School RS Gold sub-18 min larges to be hopeless, despite video evidence to the contrary.