Path of Exile: Upgraded Atlas Gameplay

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Path of Exile: Upgraded Atlas Gameplay

Posted By willKing willKing     February 6, 2021    


Like the previous expansion, Echoes of the Atlas not only has a core focus, but also has a series of quality of life improvements, and launched a new challenge alliance called "Ritual Alliance". The following is a brief introduction to the key new functions, changes and upgrades of the expansion based on our impressions.

    Upgraded Atlas gameplay: "Atlas of Worlds" is currently a world map focused on the endgame. Players can travel to different areas to explore isolated dungeons, clear monsters and collect loot. As "Echo" expands, players at the final game level will modify the map area to increase difficulty and increase rewards. The Atlas extension adds a new "observation stone", a project to Buy POE Currency upgrade the map, introducing more permanent changes. These new Watchstones from the Echoses expansion can also be traded and crafted for other players. With these new features and other changes on the map, you can now optimize and change the Atlas gameplay to your liking.

    Maven challenges and Atlas passive skills: Players can use beacons to summon new Maven NPCs so that they can summon characters to watch the battle. If you complete the dungeon battle, she will invite you to join her realm for more challenging battles. After the POE Currency Buy fight, you can not only get greater returns, but you can also fight Maven yourself. Completing her challenge will provide you with new skill points to spend on the Atlas passive tree. Skill trees are located on the map. They can increase the drop rate or increase the chance of special monsters appearing in specific areas.
    New map: This expansion will introduce 11 new map layouts. The difference between these maps and the PoE current location kit is that they have dynamic photography capabilities and more complex level designs. According to Wilson, the developers' work on Path of Exile2 will change the map to affect the current map design of the current game.
    Reworked advantage categories: PoE’s advantage categories are special subcategories that can open new skills and privileges. The Echoes extension will update four categories-Slayer, Deadeye, Inquisitor and Elementalist-with buffs, rebalancing and other upgrades, which will make them clearer and more long-term.
    Reworked the Harvest and Heist gameplay: the farming and stealth action gameplay introduced in the Harvest and Heist expansions respectively will be introduced into the core loop of Path of Exile. Currently these two pillars are isolated experiences, but with the new expansion, they will become part of the story development and included in the Atlas endgame, thus presenting them more organically in the experience.

The next expansion of Path of Exile seems to be just the end game that hardcore players in the community want to see, and its core content is definitely rich enough. Our previous observations of other expansions of the game clearly show that support for the game is still growing, and it seems that this support will not stop anytime soon. Echoes of the Atlas is undoubtedly an intensive update of the game, but it feels perfectly suitable as a powerful and customizable game for Path of Exile.

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