Body fat scale can be connected to mobile phone APP via Bluetooth

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Body fat scale can be connected to mobile phone APP via Bluetooth

Posted By zheng tai     March 9, 2021    


More and more people will buy a home body fat scale to understand their weight and body fat percentage. It is an indispensable tool for weight loss and weight control. At present, the main fluid fat scales on the market, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Body fat scales such as Youpin are not too expensive, generally around 100 yuan. Connected to the mobile APP via Bluetooth, not only can you get a lot of data, but you can also see the long-term changes in body composition, which is convenient and practical.

Why are people willing to spend money on a body fat scale instead of a weight scale? The weight scale can only see the number of weight, while the body fat scale can get a lot of data, such as body fat percentage, lean body weight, fat weight, muscle weight, bone mass, water content, etc., which are very tall. feel.

At the same time, as people's health awareness has increased, everyone has gradually realized that the weight is too simple. If you want a more comprehensive assessment of your body shape and health, a body fat scale is indispensable. Therefore, even if the body fat scale is slightly more expensive, people are willing to spend more money to buy it.

Of course, after buying a body fat scale home, people's biggest concern is whether the body fat scale I bought can measure the body fat content accurately?

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