Introduction To The Use Of Drill Pipe

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Introduction To The Use Of Drill Pipe

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     March 24, 2021    


  1. Tapered Bit is perpendicular to the striking surface, and the drill rod is compacted (oblique hitting will easily cause the drill rod to break and damage the cylinder, and the empty hitting without compacting the drill rod will damage the cylinder).
    2. The engine should be warmed up for ten minutes before the crushing operation, especially in winter, which will help the operation to be smooth; visually check the oil pipes for oil leakage before crushing. The oil leakage should be dealt with in time and check whether the breaker oil seal is leaking. , The oil seal should be replaced in time for oil leakage, otherwise dust will enter the piston and wear the piston.
    3. Do not use the breaker to push heavy objects or large rocks, which may easily cause the breaker bracket to break.
    4. Do not use the drill rod to pry or shake, which will easily cause the drill rod to break.
    5. Don't hit the same place continuously for more than 1 minute, otherwise it will easily cause excessive wear of the Drill pipe. You should change the position to hit. Larger and harder stones should be broken at the edge because the edge is easier to break.