What are the use characteristics of the Shank Adapter
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    • Last updated June 18, 2020
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What are the use characteristics of the Shank Adapter

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     June 18, 2020    


The Shank Adapter is a tool for mining. The workability of mining determines that it must be a tool with greater strength. Therefore, its raw material is cemented carbide and steel. It is equipped with various types of rock drilling and machine. Rock drilling, it can work very well. This tool has many advantages, including strong corrosion resistance and is not picky about the working rock. It can be said to be competent for the task of excavating any rock. In addition, perhaps one of its biggest features is that no matter what kind of chisel can adapt to the corresponding diameter of the drill tail.  

The scope of use of the brazing tail is mainly for rocks. Generally speaking, it mainly works on limestone, granite and marble. There are also many types of such tools, mainly s32-722, s40-722.8 and so on. When we choose, we have to choose according to the environment we want to work and the type of rock, so that we can make the most of its role. Although the brazing tail looks very small, it is really small and small, with good power. It can work very well in many hard and cracked rocks. Even under such a working environment, it can protect itself well, that is to say, the damage is not great, so it is said that it The service life is very long, even in acidic environment can survive stubbornly, because the beginning of the article said that it has super corrosion resistance. We can choose to purchase such tools from some large companies. In addition, we can also look at related books, how to choose the model described above, and we can go online to explore the situation.