Where To Check The Extension Drilling Tools

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Where To Check The Extension Drilling Tools

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     July 2, 2020    


      Extension Drilling Tools should be inspected at any time, first of all geological survey, the rig checks the consolidation of the rope end of the wire rope. The contents of the wire rope inspection are: the number of wire rope safety circles, the selection, installation and lubrication of the wire rope, and the defect inspection of the wire rope, such as the diameter and wear of the wire rope, and the number of broken wires.

       Check the pulley system of coal mine tunnel rigs at any time. The main inspection items are: the condition of the pulley body and the anti-skipping device of the transition pulley. Check the walking system of the water well drilling rig at any time, the main inspection items are: the status of the pile machine walking pipe, chuck and hook pipe system, sleeper laying, etc.

      Maintain the maintenance records of the drilling rig, and keep detailed records of the replacement parts to ensure that the parts are used within the validity period, or keep abreast of the next replacement time.