The Surface Of Extension Drilling Tools Should Be Cleaned Well

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The Surface Of Extension Drilling Tools Should Be Cleaned Well

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     July 9, 2020    


Extension Drilling Tools are small portable piling equipment powered by high-pressure gas. They have the characteristics of compact structure, convenient portability, easy operation, strong maneuverability, and high operating efficiency. Extension drilling tools are used for flood control dam reinforcement, flood resistance and emergency plugging, and pond maintenance. , Fence reinforcement operation (pile or steel pipe), compared with manual piling, it is safe and reliable, simple to operate, and has a fast pile driving speed (it can drive a wooden pile with a diameter of 150mm per meter per minute), saving time and effort, and can work in harsh environments Continuous operation and other characteristics; planting extension drilling tool is a new type of special equipment for water conservancy construction developed according to the actual needs of water conservancy construction. The new product adopts the principles of mechanics and aerodynamics. Under the action of high-pressure air, the extended drilling tool generates a huge impact force to achieve the purpose of rapid pile driving.


  1. Before daily operation, the operator should clean the surface of the extended drilling tool. The parts that need to be lubricated must be lubricated 1-3 times a day to keep the lubricated parts lubricated.
  2. Remove dirt and dirt from the equipment.
  3. Check and tighten the connecting bolts of various parts, and check the lubrication and wear of the main clutch, steering, water pump, fan bearing, high-pressure oil pump, load wheel, and support pulley.
  4. Deal with the leakage and damage of the hydraulic system in time.
  5. Inventory tools and scrub them clean. Fill in the equipment operation records to ensure that the writing is clear, neat, complete and accurate.

  Engine part:

  1. Remove and clean the air filter, oil filter and diesel filter. Remove the fuel tank sediment and clean the fuel tank filter.
  2. Check and replace the lubricating oil in the crankcase of the main engine, and clean the respirator
  3. Check and adjust the tightness of the generator belt and fan belt, and lubricate the fan bearings.
  4. Check the water pump for leaks and clean the oil stain on the outside of the water tank.
  5. Check the connection screw of the flywheel and the connection belt for breakage, and replace if necessary.