Introduction to the classification of medical oxygen masks

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Introduction to the classification of medical oxygen masks

Posted By krista medicalmould     April 1, 2021    


Medical oxygen mask mould is one of the main products of Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co.,Ltd. So what are the general classifications of medical oxygen masks? What are the structural properties and uses? Here is a brief introduction:

1. Classification:

(1) Oxygen mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, elastic band, mask connector, oxygen tube, cone connector, etc.

(2) Adjustable face mask: mainly composed of nose clip, face mask, oxygen concentration regulator, elastic band, conical joint, conversion joint, atomization joint, etc.;

(3) Non-respiration mask: It is mainly composed of oxygen bag, oxygen bag connector, conversion connector, side hole, mask, nose clip, elastic band, conical connector, oxygen tube, conical connector, mask connector, etc.

(4) Atomization mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, conversion joint, elastic band, atomization tank, cone joint, oxygen tube, cone interface, etc.

(5) Incision mask: mainly composed of elastic band, incision mask, spherical joint, curved joint, etc.

2. Main performance and structure: The oxygen storage system is composed of mask, oxygen storage bag, T-shaped tee, oxygen delivery catheter and fixed components.

3. Purpose: It is used for patients with breathing difficulties and hypoxia when oxygen is given.

4. How to use: Oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, the mask is placed on the patient's face, and the nose and mouth are sealed. Use the fixing member to fix the mask on the patient's head for oxygen inhalation.

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