The Colors We Offer For Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer
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    • Last updated April 2, 2021
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The Colors We Offer For Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer

Posted By jingye yuyao     April 2, 2021    


  With its unique features and great potential for a number of applications, consider the benefits of this subtle yet powerful trigger sprayer.

  A Continuous- ultra fine mist sprayer With Unique Features

  It needs no aerosol to function. Instead, just prime the trigger once to release a prolonged spray. When used as designed, close to 98% of the liquid is evacuated from the container, too, making it very efficient.

  A bag-in-bottle container system helps the container with minimizing waste and there are several sizing options, too. Be sure to ask about the complementary 300mL bottle, with a 600mL option available soon.

  We are stocking it in black and in white, but you can also custom order a spectrum of colors. Additionally, there are many labels that can complement and add to the base-design.

  Key Features And Advantages

  This continuous-spray bottle brings value in quite a few ways to both manufacturers and consumers. Key features and advantages include all of the following:

  Functionality without the need for propellant gases like aerosol

  Production of an ultra-fine mist that sprays continuously

  Mist sprayed at 1.25cc's per second

  Three seconds of continuous spray, after the user primes the trigger once

  Use in any condition / direction once the priming is done in an upright position

  Bottles that are refillable

  With attributes like these, this sprayer is delivering environmental benefits, efficiencies, functionality, and remarkable value. Especially if it is time to refresh your packaging, the future of your trigger sprayers could be right here.

  As a professional trigger sprayer factory,we accept all kinds of window hardware orders, welcome to consult.