Foam Pump Suppliers: Customized Professional Foam Pumps

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Foam Pump Suppliers: Customized Professional Foam Pumps

Posted By jingye yuyao     December 31, 2020    


  Foam pump

  The polypropylene foam pump can precisely mix liquid and air without the use of gas propellant, thereby producing high-quality foam in each stroke. Two styles of foam pumps are provided, one without a top cover and the other with a top cover.

  The new foam pump is designed to increase the brand's influence on retail shelves. The elegant design is very suitable for sunbathing, facial cleanser, hand soap, and hairdressing products market. Now, we still have some external spring foam pumps. Different sizes of 20 / 410, 24 / 410, 28 / 410, 30 / 410, 42 / 410.

  We have a new 28/410 foam pump with a strainer at the outlet of the pump, which can effectively prevent backflow pollution.

  The pump color is customizable, you can provide color samples or Pantone codes. We will make pre-production samples first, and it will take about 10 days. Once the pre-production samples are confirmed, and then mass production begins, it takes about 30 days. The daily output of our fully automatic machines exceeds 100,000pcs.

  Our minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces. If there is stock, the sample time is 3 days. Sturdy carton packaging, suitable for long-distance transportation. For the payment term, the usual way is a 30% deposit, which is the balance of BL. We have more than ten years of export experience. The port is Ningbo or Shanghai. In some cases, we can accept letters of credit and D/P.

  We strictly abide by the ISO production process, and each order is confirmed by the quality inspection department before shipment. For any quality problems, we assume 100% responsibility. The zero-risk guarantee in the contract works with you.

  Foam Pump Suppliers specializes in research and development, we provide free design and free 3D simulation within 24 hours. Before lowering the mold, we can send you a 3D simulation sample. After your approval, we can start manufacturing molds. The molding time is about 60 days. The cost of the mold depends on your order quantity, large orders, free mold cost.