What Should Be Paid Attention To When Repairing Perfume Spray Head

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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Repairing Perfume Spray Head

Posted By jingye yuyao     January 20, 2021    


  No matter how careful you are, sometimes your perfume bottle may slip out of your hand and fall on the nozzle. Knowing how to fix this problem will make you smell fresh all day long. These bottles, made by each manufacturer, in a different way, contain a spring that presses inward to release a beautiful fragrance to the top of the bottle on your skin. If the nozzle slips and reveals the internal working principle, there are basic repair methods; however, if the nozzle cannot be repaired, just call the retailer and ask for a new bottle.

  Look at the tip of the nozzle to make sure it is still intact. If there seems to be perfume accumulation in the nozzle, simply run the nozzle under hot water and use a needle to pry up any glue. Gently press the tip of the nozzle onto the top of the perfume bottle and reinstall it.

  If it does not spray, remove the Perfume Spray Head and wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Apply alcohol to the inner top of the plastic tube and let it sit for 10 to 15 seconds. Use a pin to slide down from the center of the tube to remove any glue that may have accumulated in the tube. This tube feeds perfume from the bottle to the mouth of the bottle.

  Use tweezers to pull up the plastic tube if it will not connect to the tip of the nozzle properly. The tip should be snapped onto the plastic tube; however, if it does not then the tube is too low in the bottle.

  Return to the store, where you bought the perfume, and ask for a new replacement reminder. The craft store may also have replacement nozzles. The sprayer in the spray head may be closed or uneven, which will cause the perfume to not spray.

  Change a new bottle of perfume in the store. The manufacturer, especially if it is a new bottle, will replace the bottle free of charge. According to the store’s situation, even if the bottle is almost empty, it can be replaced.

  Pry out the inner structure of the perfume bottle and apply the perfume to the skin instead of spraying it. Remove the tip from the inside of the nozzle and remove the inner tube with tweezers. There is a plastic encapsulation on the edge of the perfume bottle, which needs to be removed. Use a knife or planer to loosen the edges around the package and bounce it away. Under the package will be a metal ring connecting the package to the bottle. Pry the metal ring of the bottle in the same way as the packaging. Purchase a small cork to insert into the bottle to prevent overflow.


  Pulling the metal ring too hard may cause the bottle to break. After removing the inner tube, transfer the perfume to another bottle.


  Be careful when using knives.