Zhengri Has Syringe Machine For Sale

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Zhengri Has Syringe Machine For Sale

Posted By Zheng ri     April 6, 2021    


There is always a fine line between enabling and protection. For many, the thought of distributing syringe machine to heroin addicts only fuels their habit. But what we’ve come to find is that there are circumstances where a practice like this is acceptable. We know just how crippling a habit like this can be. And we know the tremendous risk that accompanies the use of dirty needles (HIV, for one). So we actually support the new stance that Las Vegas is taking, by dispensing clean syringes via citywide vending machines.

This particular movement also has the support of public health officials throughout the state. In their opinion, these mini distribution centers can help halt the spread of infectious diseases.

“Having access to clean syringes is a harm reduction approach that’s going to allow people to protect themselves against getting communicable diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C,” program rep Chelsi Cheatom told The Las Vegas Review Journal.

Private donations are helping to fund the effort through the organization called Trac-B Exchange. There are also partnerships with Nevada AIDS Research and the state’s Education Society. One of the reasons Las Vegas was selected as a rollout city was because of its large amount of reported IV addicts. When last measured there were at least 5,800 needle users in the county, which has led to a steady stream of HIV diagnoses.

So how exactly do these vending machines work? They actually closely resemble what you’d see in an office or shopping mall, with rows of cardboard boxes containing clean syringes and disposal containers for used needles. The machines also provide kits for wound cleaning and safe sex, all free of charge. All that’s needed is an identification card, which can be made available at local community counseling centers.

“It is a very successful intervention to do harm reduction,” Vegas district chief health officer, Dr. Joseph Iser, told the outlet at a news conference.

We completely understand the controversy surrounding an initiative like this. But we also know these types of programs are necessary for those in the throws of addiction. Heroin is not something you can easily walk away from. Recovery takes time, dedication and ongoing support. The last thing we want to see is an addiction lead to the contraction of a deadly disease.

If it were us running the program, however, we would try and focus more on the tracking and identification cards. Yes these users deserve the access to clean needles, but in the process they should be traced and made aware of the recovery programs at their disposal. As long as the habit exists, keep the experience as clean and as safe as possible. But make the ultimate goal be intervention, education and recovery support.

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