Determine the style of the faucet

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Determine the style of the faucet

Posted By yu son     April 9, 2021    


The basic method of choosing a faucet:

1. Style

To determine whether the faucet matches the washbasin, sink, and bathtub. It should be matched with the single hole, 4-inch and 8-inch hole of the faucet mounting hole of the washbasin.

2. Function

Faucets come in various styles and functions. According to their purpose, they are generally used for washbasins, basins, showers, basin showers, kitchen sinks, etc.

According to the function, there are general, constant temperature, self-generation, induction, etc. For example, the thermostatic faucet has an anti-scalding appearance to prevent scalding during use, and it is easy to use water from the shower with one click. There is also a hydroelectric faucet, which is a new type of induction faucet, which can convert the energy generated by the water flow into electrical energy.

3. Surface

Look at the brightness of the surface. The body of the faucet is generally made of copper, and after molding, grinding and polishing, the surface is plated with nickel and chromium. The coatings of regular products have specific process requirements, and pass the neutral salt spray test, and there is no rust within the specified time limit. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to the gloss of the surface, without burrs, pores, and oxidized spots when touched by hand.

4. Check

Turn the handle gently to see if it is light and flexible, and whether it is blocked. Check whether the various parts of the faucet, especially the main parts, are tightly assembled, and there should be no looseness.

5. Spool

Current faucets generally use ceramic valve cores, which are easy to use and not easy to wear.

6. Water pressure requirements

Generally, the water pressure requirement at home is not lower than 0.05Mpa (that is, 0.5kgf/cm2). If the water pressure is not lower than this, after a period of use, if the water output is found to decrease, or even the water heater is turned off, you can Gently unscrew the screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet to remove impurities, and generally it can be restored as new.

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