The Recycling Of Lotion Pump Different Parts
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    • Last updated April 16, 2021
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The Recycling Of Lotion Pump Different Parts

Posted By jingye yuyao     April 16, 2021    


  Past recycling articles have talked about how to properly dispose of various kinds of plastic and glass containers and bottles. This week’s Recycling Q&A deals with the pump and spray tops that go along with some of those bottles.

  Getting Pumped About Spray Tops

  Thanks for all the recycling tips. How about recycling spray or pump tops from plastic bottles such as hand lotion bottles. Can these be added to my recycling bin?

  Thank you,

  Nozzles And Pumps And Straws, Oh My!

  Hi Don,

  Here’s my best advice on spray and lotion pump head tops, bottles and cleaners.

  Spray or Pump Tops

  Spray (and pump-top) bottles are prevalent in most households. The spray nozzles, pumps and straw-shaped attachments are NOT recyclable. Please throw those in the trash.

  Or reuse them on other bottles with home-made cleaners! See below.


  The bottles ARE recyclable, though, so please rinse and put in the recycling bin!

  Reuse The Spray Bottles

  Buy in bulk!

  You can reuse these bottles by buying the window cleaner, lotion or what-have-you in bulk to refill the spray or pump-top bottle. Co-ops often sell these items in their bulk section.

  There are many cleaners that you can buy as a concentrate to which you add water. This saves on packaging and the environmental foot print of shipping, as well, because the packages are lighter and smaller.

  Make Your Own Green Cleaners

  Personally, I would recommend using homemade cleaners that you can mix up in reused bottles. Check out this great list of alternative household cleaners that a county intern put together for me a few years back. It’s a great resource.

  Thank you for your care!

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