what is debentures meaning

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what is debentures meaning

Posted By Aditya Sahnii     May 6, 2021    


Hello, my name is Aditya Sahnii and I'm living in India. Do you want to know what is debentures meaning in accounting?. Debenture literally means a written acknowledgment of a debt. Debentures are fixed-interest rate corporate bonds, but when they are issued by a government is known as an "obligation." In the world of finance, debentures are one type of fixed income instrument. Debentures are longer-term corporate bonds. Like a traditional corporate bond, debentures are a debt security issued by corporations to raise money. Unlike bonds, debentures typically have a maturity of between 2 and 10 years. They also have an interest rate that is usually fixed for their entire term, although they can occasionally be callable.