Air Quick Coupler Is Of Good Performance

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Air Quick Coupler Is Of Good Performance

Posted By snip snip     May 26    


In many departments, attachment conversion is a process that occurs multiple times a day. Getting this job done quickly without using tools is the key to maintaining high productivity.

In addition to the speed of the procedure, there should be no liquid leakage, which will make the working environment dirty and unsafe. This is why the Air Quick Coupler uses an internal mechanism to ensure the seal once it is disconnected.

Oil flows in the smaller spaces in these areas and is restricted to flow around these components. There is also a load loss, commonly referred to as voltage drop-this phenomenon is inevitable if the versatility of interchangeable circuits is required. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the quick connector to provide a solution that takes these factors into consideration.

Since 1985, DNP has been one of the best quick couplings for handling pressurized fluids. For 30 years, due to our dedication to research and development, we have been providing continuous product innovation and quality improvement to the market.

We carefully evaluate every choice related to the design, components and mechanism of our quick connectors. Compared with other options on the market, this can more effectively reduce the load loss as much as possible.

However, the value provided by the quick connector is not absolute. When choosing a suitable circuit, the characteristics of the circuit must also be considered.

One of the key factors is the size of hydraulic fittings compared to pipelines.

If the flow rate is too small, there will be too much fluid in the quick coupling. This highly powerful guidance leads to greater load loss and a decrease in mechanical performance (slower movement). In extreme cases, the circuit overheats beyond its limit, resulting in component damage, and the component design does not support these types of operating conditions, thereby jeopardizing the function of the entire system.

In contrast, oversized quick couplings will not cause these problems, but will cause excessive confusion in many operating environments, and may cause inconvenience or inefficiency, as well as higher costs.

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