Application Of Hexafluoropropylene\u2002trimer\u2002lhf-3000

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Application Of Hexafluoropropylene trimer lhf-3000

Posted By limin fluorinated     May 26, 2021    


   Foam Fluorinated Solvent refers to the foam extinguishing agent filled in the fire extinguisher, which can be divided into chemical foam extinguishing agent and air foam extinguishing agent.

   The chemical foam fire extinguisher contains two chemical agents: aluminum sulfate (acid) and sodium bicarbonate (alkaline). When in use, the mixing of the two solutions causes a chemical reaction to produce foam, which is sprayed out under pressure to extinguish the fire.

   The air foam fire extinguisher is filled with air foam fire extinguishing agent. It has excellent performance, long shelf life, high fire extinguishing efficiency, and convenient use. It is an updated product of chemical foam fire extinguishing agent. It can be filled with protein foam, fluoroprotein foam, polymer foam, light water (water film forming) foam and alcohol-resistant foam according to different needs.

   The scope of application of foam fire extinguishing agent is Class A and Class B fires, not applicable to live fire, fire and Class C and D fires. The anti-solvent foam fire extinguishing agent can also put out water-soluble flammable and combustible liquid fires.

    How to use Hexafluoropropylene trimer LHF-3000: The handle on the upper part of the hand-held Simplified Chinese is close to the fire source. At about 10 meters from the fire point, the Simplified Chinese is turned upside down. The jet is directed at the burning material. When fighting a flammable liquid fire, if it burns in a flowing state, shoot the foam toward the inner wall of the container so that the foam flows along the inner wall of the container and gradually covers the fire liquid surface. Do not directly aim at the liquid surface to spray, so as not to expand the burning range by flushing the burning liquid out of the container due to the impact of the jet.