The Effect Of Extinguishing\u2002agent\u2002lhf-1230 Test

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The Effect Of Extinguishing agent lhf-1230 Test

Posted By limin fluorinated     June 10, 2021    


  Used in the food industry:

Tests have shown that sulfuryl fluoride fumigant has a good killing effect on harmful organisms that endanger food. Through fumigation tests on dried fruits, cereals, flour and other major foods, the research on the relevant residues has been completed. The results show that sulfur Acid fluoride does not affect the taste and quality of food. In September 2003, the Swiss government officially approved sulfuryl fluoride for commercial fumigation of food, becoming the first country in the world to use sulfuryl fluoride instead of methyl bromide in food fumigation. In January 2004, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also formally passed the registration of the use of sulfuryl fluoride in food fumigation, and in July 2005 established a standard for sulfuryl fluoride residues in food. In addition, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France and other countries have also approved sulfuryl fluoride for fumigation of food in warehouses. Therefore, the replacement of methyl bromide with sulfuryl fluoride for food fumigation will become a development trend.

   used for entry-exit inspection and quarantine:

At present, with the development of the world economy and trade, the throughput of container cargo transportation is also increasing. At the same time, various pests, germs, and rodents are also spreading everywhere in containers, goods and their packaging. The catastrophic epidemic has endangered the health and safety of the country and the lives and health of the population. Because sulfuryl fluoride has the advantages of low boiling point, high vapor pressure, strong penetration, broad-spectrum insecticidal, and low toxicity, it can meet the requirements of high-efficiency, low-toxicity, fast and easy-to-use chemicals during import inspection and quarantine. The ozone layer will not produce adverse effects. In recent years, some domestic ports have gradually replaced methyl bromide with EXTINGUISHING AGENT LHF-1230 for fumigation of imported goods.