Chlorodifluoromethane\u2002r-22 Inspection

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Chlorodifluoromethane r-22 Inspection

Posted By limin fluorinated     June 24, 2021    


  To conduct abrasion resistance test on Chlorodifluoromethane R-22 is to test the abrasion resistance of the coating on the surface of the glass. Ordinarily, wear-resistant testing machines are used to stop the coated glass under the condition of a load of 1kg steel wool at the same position and a fixed number of stages. After a certain number of frictions, the static water θ measurement of the frictional coating is stopped. When θ is lower than 100°, the friction is stopped, and the number of times at this time is the number of invalid abrasion.

    You can test the Fluorinated Solvent oil resistance pen, that is, take two points a few centimeters apart on the two ends of the glass after coating, draw a straight line with an oily pen between the two points, and wipe the line repeatedly with a dust-free cloth until the handwriting cannot be cleaned. If the number of downs is N, the number of oil-resistant pens is N-1 [20]. The more times the oil resistance pen is used, the better the oil resistance of the surface is indicated.