Precautions For The Construction Of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo

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Precautions For The Construction Of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo

Posted By Liyfffa linhai     Jun 6    


Several matters needing attention in the construction safety of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo:
  On-site installers must be familiar with the installation process, strictly abide by the safety operating procedures, obey the command, obey the arrangement, stick to the post during the operation, do not work in violation of regulations, and strictly prohibit drinking work. Use personal protective equipment and safety measures correctly, and you must wear a safety helmet when entering the construction site. It is forbidden to wear slippers or bare feet on the construction site.
  All work carried out at locations 2 meters and above from the ground is high-altitude operations. Any work that can be done in advance on the ground must be done on the ground to minimize work at heights. When working and walking on a scaffold without scaffolding or railing, and the height exceeds 1.5 meters, a safety belt and a safety helmet must be used.
  China Custom Sunshade Parasol must build scaffolding or take measures to prevent falling from the mountain (using safety belts, safety ropes, safety nets, etc.) for high-level operations. It is forbidden to work on an unstable structure.