Sha'tar Skyguard Reputation Guide in WoW TBC Classic
    • Last updated July 19, 2021
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Sha'tar Skyguard Reputation Guide in WoW TBC Classic

Posted By MMO gamefans     July 19, 2021    


In the TBC Classic version of "World of Warcraft", special neutral reputations such as Pterodactyl, Orgrila Ogre and Sha'tar Skyguard have been added to the game in the first stage, which means that we are now You can ride the Void Ray mount. The model is very cool. Players in those days kindly called it "Fish". Today I will talk about the reputation acquisition strategy of the Sha'tar Skyguard.

There are two main areas for reputation, one is Terokkar Forest and the other is Blade's Edge Mountain (It should be noted that many people in Blade's Edge Mountain not only reward the reputation of the Skyguard, but also the corresponding Orgrila. Ogre reputation, so it is recommended that both neutral reputations be turned on simultaneously, which is the most profitable).

The opening of reputation is to find an NPC named "Yura" near the flying point of Shattrath City, and receive the quest “Neighboring Threats”. This task requires you to kill 20 Ge in the Bulwark Mountain in the north of Shattrath City. To reach this mission location, Duni ogre must learn to fly and have a flying mount.

After completing this very simple pre-task, the reputation of the Sha'tar Skyguard is officially opened, similar to the reputation of Pterodactyl and Orgrila, most of the reputation rewards come from daily tasks. After completing the plot task corresponding to the map, the daily routine will start, and you can do it all the way.

In addition, killing some arakkoa mobs in Terokkar Forest can also reward reputation:

Skettiscali Bird: 5 reputation points for each reward;

All Arakkoa and Giant Kali Birds: Each rewards 10 reputation points

Forest Berserker: Reward 30 reputation

Several named monsters in the questline can also reward reputation:

In the "Blood of the Enemy" quest, kill Akkalai the Dark Screamer/Gisala the Hunter/Vakkis the Windrager/Karlrog each reward 100 reputation points (the mission itself rewards 350 points); Tyro Kar Forest’s final story mission "The Destruction of Terokk", killing Terokk rewards 500 reputation (the task itself rewards 1000 points).

From neutrality to respect, we can receive two daily quests in Terokkar Forest and Blade's Edge Mountain respectively, and a repeatable "Shadow Dust" quest. Killing the mobs in Skettis’ Crow’s Nest can be called The props of "Shadow Dust" can get 150 reputation every time you complete a task turned in, and you can also get special props like "Lost Scroll", which can be used to summon special bosses in "The Blood of the Enemy" to complete the "Enemy's". After "Bloodline", you can get the item "Lost Sacrifice" that summons Terokk. This BOSS is equipped to drop. It has a very good tank accessory, 30 points of defense level, and an increase of 1250 points of life limit after opening. In addition, There are two purple cloaks.

The above mentioned can be done repeatedly before respect, so the fastest way to improve the reputation of the Skyguard is to complete the daily-farm the mobs and exchange the shadow dust-kill the summoning boss, the team can greatly improve the brush The efficiency of reputation (at least 2000+ per hour), so try to get your friends together.

After reaching the venerable reputation, you can receive more daily tasks, and the dialogue lines between the NPC and you in the camp will also change. WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold Players who want to explode the Void Ray mount as soon as possible must hurry up! Now Buy World of Warcraft TBC Classic Gold to start!